Dam & Levee

Know Your Dam: Preface

This series of articles is offered to those who would like to know more of the background and details about the reconstructed dam and some of the reasons why it is designed the way it is. Also, some information is for those interested in how it is maintained and how it is operated for the benefit of Papakeechie Lake and its residents.

I am motivated to write these articles to pass on information that I have acquired during the course of the last few years as I was involved in the reconstruction of the dam and the reconstitution of the lake to its former condition. In reality it is probably better than it has ever been since the dam is now up to present requirements. We have gone from being an example of a deficient dam to an exemplary dam, the way dams need to be for the future.

The last few years have been a difficult time for the Papakeechie Protective Association and it would be a shame to commit errors of the past through ignorance. I am hopeful that having weathered these difficulties, we will remember them and the effort it took to recover the lake and avoid making the same errors again: lack of maintenance.

Larry Clough
January 2014

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