Weed Treatment Commenced

** Important Notice **

We chemically treated the lake on 05/12/2016. As in previous years, treatment signs have been posted at the entrance of all roadways, and marker buoys are positioned in the lake. This herbicide will not harm people, fish, pets, or wildlife.

Note:  Do not use lake water for irrigation for 30 days (until June 11, 2016).

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Message from the President

As winter passes by, I continue to enjoy weekend evenings on the lake. After a recent snowfall, as I stood  down by the lake in the dark, I reveled in the beauty and the quiet. That said, I am looking forward to spring and anticipate getting my dock and boat into the water.
This year and last the board has continued to make solid progress on our dam debt (pun intended). On October 2013, we finalized our $400,000 bank loan arrangement and repayment schedule. By the time you receive this we should have an estimated remaining balance of 200,000. The loan will be paid off  ahead of schedule either by late summer, or early fall of 2018.
The board has worked to get the summer water level right. Some like it higher, some like it lower and  some think it is just right…sounds like the Goldilocks fable. I think we are closer to a workable procedure  that should address “normal” water level. But as you all understand when dealing with nature we have  to continue to adjust to the hand we are dealt. Terry (dam operator) has been diligent in his work in this  matter.
Lastly, in November the board began looking into hiring out a lake study of our lake’s plant life and a fish study. At the annual meeting, we heard people encouraging us to pursue this. We decided to act on this as discussed later in this newsletter.

I look forward to seeing you on the lake.
Steve Herendeen, PPA President