2018 Annual Dues is Due by April 1st, 2018


      Please see the Moving Forward write-up located in the Wetlands section of this site.  The first wetland walk about, to survey their condition will be March 3, 2018 at 9:00 am.  More information can be obtained by contacting  J. Arleen Corson at:  jacorson39@gmail.com or,  574-457-6796.


Message from the President

How quickly time flies! It seems that it was just a short time ago that I assumed the duties as the PPA President. I am proud to report that in that time, several exciting things have been accomplished.

The first is something for which we all can be relieved. The loan for our Dam/Levee construction has been paid in full. A big part of this accomplishment can be directly attributed to the outstanding efforts of Larry Clough. His efforts literally saved us tens of thousands of dollars. That being said, there will be no 2018 assessment for the Dam/Levee Project.

It had been many years since a fish study had been done on the lake.  In 2016, both a fish study, and a plant study were conducted. With the hope that we can use this information to better manage the lake, data from both these studies are being carefully scrutinized.

Arleen Corson has graciously headed up the huge project to bring our wetland area up to state standards. Through her, and several other volunteer’s efforts, we have continued to move closer to being relieved of our state mandated regulations that have cost us thousands of dollars the last few years.

Remember, we are all a part of a very pristine community. It takes each one of us to do his/her part. We need to maintain our property in a manner that is not offensive to our neighbors, and we should work in union with each other to make this a pleasant place to live.

With the continued cooperation, and voluntary efforts of our board and the PPA membership, we will continue to move forward. I am fully confident that we can accomplish much more in our effort to conquer our challenges, and reach our goals. Again, I will be counting on your support in these efforts.

Thanks for your support,

Pat Ebetino, PPA President

Welcome To Papakeechie!

 Message from the President

As your newly elected association president, I can truly say that it is both an honor and a privilege. I do not take this responsibility to the PPA and its members lightly. I accept this appointment with pride and will give my best efforts to make you proud to have selected me. I will devote my time and myself to the obligations and the duties of this office.

Beginning in the late 1960s, I have had the privilege of enjoying the enormous satisfaction of coming to this lake, and being a part of its beauty and serenity. In 2001 My family fulfilled a longtime dream of owning a place of our own on this pristine lake. I am no stranger to our association and it’s Board. In the summer of 2008, I was elected and have since served as the PPA Board Secretary.

With the cooperation of my fellow members, I am fully confident that we can accomplish much in our effort to conquer our challenges, and reach our goals. I am counting on your support in these efforts.

Thanks for your vote of confidence,

Pat Ebetino, PPA President