Papakeechie Protective Association


The Papakeechie Association (PPA):

The Papakeechie Protective Association (PPA) was created in 1928 as an Indiana Not-for-Profit Indiana Corporation. The purpose of the PPA is to maintain and protect Lake Papakeechie, in Kosciusko County, State of Indiana, against injury or desecration of any kind; to protect the fish in the lake and assist in their propagation; to aid in the enforcing and carrying out of the terms and conditions of the deeds whereby lot owners obtained titles from the Papakeechie Corporation; to improve the sanitary and living conditions around the lake; to beautify the lake as a place for permanent and summer homes; to take and hold title to the land under Lake Papakeechie , the one (1) foot margin around the lake and to all private roads and parks and to take over and execute leases relative to said lands.

Covenants and Bylaws:

The PPA has established certain and specific regulations that all association members are obligated to follow in order to further the purpose of the PPA as described in the above section. The Covenants are part of each member’s title of ownership and the Bylaws are defined in the PPA Handbook.

Annual Meeting:

The Annual Meeting of the PPA will be held every year on a date between June 15 and Labor Day at the Papakeechie Center or at such other place as may be fixed by the President of the Association, a notice of such meetings shall be given by United States Mail addressed to the last known residence of each lot owner not later that ten (10) days before the data of the meeting.